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Personal Finance for New Jersey Middle School Teachers

While the recent bi-partisan legislation requiring personal finance education in New Jersey middle schools acknowledges the financial literacy crises among our youth ...

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58th Annual Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference


You can make a difference. Sponsor local teachers to attend the Conference in L.A. , California 

  • Access to over 100 workshops where you can learn to integrate personal finance and economics into your classes
  • Outstanding networking opportunities – meet with other teachers and learn how they’re tackling the challenges of economic and financial literacy education for K-12 students.

                                                                   , and more

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New Jersey Personal Finance Challenge


The National Personal Finance Challenge is a free and fun way to bring the excitement of an athletic competition to academic excellence as students apply their knowledge of personal finance.


  •  Online competition in personal finance for teachers and students throughout the nation
  • Join teams from across the Nation to take the Personal Finance Challenge!


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Financial Fitness For Life


Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the Financial Fitness For Life summer workshops a success, especially: OceanFirst Foundation, Fidelity Investments, and The Vanguard Group.

Attendees received:

  • Free FFFL lesson plans
    6 hours of professional development Free breakfast and lunch
    An Amazon gift card
    A network of devoted teachers, supervisors, DOE employees, and more

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    The NJ Council for Economic Education is honored to present Professor Donald Boudreaux as the keynote speaker of NJCSS Conference, Rutgers University, October 21st.   Don Boudreaux is a professor of economics at George Mason University who specializes in globalization and trade. He writes a blog (with Russell Roberts) called Cafe Hayek and is also a prolific writer of “letters to the editor” to major news outlets.  In the midst of today’s global economic tensions, this session will prove to be a truly enriching experience as Professor Boudreaux makes the case for free trade.  Please share with your social studies, economics and personal finance colleagues

Our Mission


 The New Jersey Council for Economic Education’s purpose is to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of New Jersey students. As an affiliate of CEE, the leading k-12 economic education organization in the United States, NJCEE is uniquely positioned to provide students the tools necessary to successfully navigate the 21st century economy and to reach their full potential as employees, entrepreneurs, investors, and civic-minded individuals. 


 NJCEE carries out its mission by providing the curriculum tools, the pedagogical support, and the community of peers that instruct, inspire, and guide our teachers. Resources and programs are developed by educators throughout our national network, which includes: 200+ University Centers, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, and non-profit partner organizations. 


 Your support helps us continue our mission to provide K-12 students with the knowledge and language of money. In turn, we give them the essential tools to create financial stability and opportunity for themselves, their families and their communities. Every gift allows us to expand our reach to classrooms and homes throughout the state, particularly in districts of need. 


 NJCEE strives to empower our students with the skills necessary to transform their lives. Building their learning and career capital will have a lasting benefit on the future of New Jersey.