A Decade of Emergent Order, Our Family Journey

10 years ago today, Joshua Meyers, Lisa Versaci and I teamed up to turn a side-hustle into our full-time business and new career path. We went all-in, voted with our feet and moved our families from NY and NJ to Austin, TX and never looked back. 100s of videos, 3 feature films (and counting), 4 offices and 1 damn-near-fatal 2020 later… we’re still standing. Like so many small businesses, the past 12 months have been a brutal slog, but they’ve also been a time for reflection and revival and we’ve come out of it all stronger than ever. We’ve got a great team, a great slate of projects, and a new approach to content creation that we hope will power the next decade of mission-driven creativity. Weirdest of all, there’s never been a larger percentage of New Jersey-connected team members than right now, proving that you might try to leave Jersey, but good luck getting Jersey to leave you. Here’s to thriving in the AC (After Covid, not Atlantic City) era!

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