A Libertarian Alternative

The media talk endlessly about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. They rarely mention third party candidates like Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. So we will! Here are some of her ideas.
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Jorgensen says she’s running because she believes: "You can spend your money better than the politicians and special interests."

That’s refreshing. Most politicians don’t understand that.

Jorgensen would cut military spending. She’d open America’s borders. She’d legalize ALL drugs, end the minimum wage, and rely on the market to solve environmental problems. She’d end government’s COVID-19 lockdowns, letting individuals and companies set rules.

On ending America’s debt, she is particularly clear. "If you’re digging yourself into a hole … stop digging. We need to stop spending increasing amounts of money on programs."

Jorgensen almost certainly won’t win the Presidency. Some call her a "spoiler."

"This is one of the elections where there is really a difference between the two parties,” I push back at Jorgensen. "People say ‘a vote for the libertarian is a wasted vote.’"

She answers "Trump and Biden are more alike than [candidates] in any previous election… two old rich white guys… who both want to make decisions for us, who both want to spend our money."

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