AdRunner mints 10,000 NFTs as a launchpad for its user-owned Metaverse advertising platform – NFT Culture

AdRunner offers a comprehensive individually-lead approach to virtual advertising within the ever-expanding Metaverse, creating an initiative for meta-land owners to organically generate ad revenue

London, England, February 2022 — AdRunner, the decentralized Metaverse advertising platform, mints 10,000 NFTs as the groundwork for its community-led ad interface. Through the opening NFT launch in early March 2022, the platform builds a new avenue for advertisers to amplify their voices in the Metaverse via user-operated billboard spaces.

Digital advertising has become the backbone of the Internet and Web 2.0, an industry now worth $350 billion and expected to balloon to over $786 billion by 2026. While these figures might represent infinite opportunities for growth, the reality is a minuscule number of companies dominate the digital ad market. With large-scale Metaverse projects on the horizon, there is an opportunity to pivot away from the current over-reliance on centralized ad giants like Google and Meta towards a decentralized, user-owned ad framework.

AdRunner provides a gateway to foster a decentralized Metaverse advertising platform. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, AdRunner is designed for individuals and companies seeking to create a footprint in the Metaverse. Utilizing a framework of “AdBoxes,” meta real-estate owners are able to run advertisements via virtual billboards in exchange for AdRunner’s native ADR coin. The AdBox framework allows advertisers to expand their communication within the Metaverse and provides income streams to members of AdRunner’s NFT community.

Through minting 10,000 NFTs, AdRunner is creating a community of owners upon launching its NFT sale later in 2022. Governance over the platform will be dictated by the collective through a DAO launched as the project scales upward, enabling key issues and advertisers to be determined by the NFT owners. As NFTs are staked by their respective owners, the revenue generated through advertisers on the platform will be distributed across the AdRunner community, creating passive income for AdRunner’s NFT collective.

“Minting the 10,000 NFTs will set the foundation for the AdRunner community,” says Chris Rios, CMO of AdRunner. “Creating a decentralized ecosystem for advertising in the Metaverse is essential to not fall into the same patterns that ruled the Web 2.0 space, we are thrilled to be on the forefront of creating this platform.”


Founded in 2021, AdRunner is spearheading the movement of Metaverse advertising with a focus on community ownership. AdRunner is leveraging web 3.0 technologies and already functional dApps to create a fully actualized infrastructure for commercial retailers to advertise within the Metaverse. Digitally controlled electronic boards, billboards, posters and remote-controlled experiences (“AdBoxes”) provide an opportunity to meta real-estate owners to lease their surfaces, landscapes, and 3D projected spaces through the AdRunner platform. With a goal to create the largest advertising platform within the Metaverse, AdRunner is empowering regular owners to generate passive income through the future of digital advertising. For more information, please visit


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