Does Money or Entitlement Ruin Video Games?

Throughout the past year, a lot of entertainment—movies, shows, and music—has been lackluster and derivative, but a few recent streaming shows mark the exception.

Like Apple TV’s “Mythic Quest”, which is a brilliant show you need to check out.

Created by “It’s Always Sunny” stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day along with "Community" producer Megan Ganz, this series features a semi-toxic, semi-scattered, albeit functional video game development company behind a popular MMORPG.

While the game and show depict an online world full of commerce and voluntary interaction, the theme of business vs. art is what we’ll mainly discuss in this episode. Through the character of Rachel we see what happens when people want a seat at the table but aren’t willing to sacrifice or create value to get there. We also see what happens when other characters want to create original content, but aren’t willing to meet the consumer halfway.

Mythic Quest ultimately teaches us to consider the importance of working hard, creating value, and ditching entitlement if we want to be successful in our creative endeavors, and more importantly, in our daily lives.

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Written and Produced by Sean W. Malone
Editing and Motion Graphics by Michael Ozias
Asst. Edited by Jason Reinhardt
with support from Tyler Brandt and Matt Tabor


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