Does The Handmaid’s Tale Get Feminism Wrong?

On this short, special guest-narrated edition of Out of Frame, co-writer Jen Maffesanti gets into “The Handmaid’s Tale” and its depiction of an oppressive, patriarchal society. With analogies to the modern world, some present-day feminists use this book and series for dramatic political protests. But there’s a dark side to their feminist interpretation, and also a lighter, more liberating one. Namely: Collectivist Feminism vs. Individualist Feminism. ______________________________ FOLLOW/SUPPORT US: Support Out of Frame on Patreon or SubscribeStar:​​ Join our Discord:​ Watch our newest video, "Jupiter’s Legacy Asks Big Questions. Netflix Cancelled It.": Check out our podcast, Out of Frame: Behind the Scenes: Follow us EVERYWHERE!​​ ______________________________ CREDITS: Written by Jen Maffessanti & Sean W. Malone Produced by Sean W. Malone Edited by Paul Nelson Asst. Edited by Jason Reinhardt ______________________________ LINKS:

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