ENHANCE YOUR EARNING CAPACITY  Fidelity is proud to once again welcome teachers to it's facility in Jersey City and partner with the New Jersey Council for Economic Education for this event. 

 Fidelity professionals/volunteers will deliver content modules on how a career plan impacts earning power and lifestyle. We will also discuss the value of employee benefits and how withholding and payroll deductionsimpact income tax and cash flow. Other topics will include the Rule of 72, planning for retirement, building endurance and making adjustments during changing stages of life and career, and building savings. 

 Fidelity volunteers will help teachers with the basics of financial literacy, not simply how to teach the subject, but the content itself for their own understanding and for use in and out of the classroom. 

 The New Jersey Council for Economic Education will provide pedagogical instruction which is relevant to teachers’ needs and tied to curriculum. 

 Teachers will also be provided with additional resources which they can take back with them for their own use and for use in their classrooms. REGISTRATION: There is no registration fee but pre-registration is required. Register by September 7, 2018  For more information, contact Alana Coleman: Breakfast, lunch, and materials will be provided. Certificates for 6 CEUs will be available.