From the Comments…

(Don Boudreaux)

… on my open letter to Tyler Cowen is this gem from my and Tyler’s great Nobel-laureate emeritus colleague Vernon Smith (who is 94 years old):

I am in the vulnerable older group. For over a year, when I go out I wear a double mask and stay away from others. If anyone feels vulnerable, or is simply very fearful, justified or not, they should take similar precautions. I am now vaccinated but still wear a mask, get a message twice a week (attendant is masked).

But why impose your situation and fear on everyone else? What justifies that directive? Obviously, the GDB authors incurred great persoanl jugemnental risk by taking a stand. Much better personally for them is to say nothing. They are indeed heroic in the midst of the “Chicken Littles.” It is the social science enlightening event of the new century to learn that the great pandemic contagion is fear, not a virus.

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