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Liberty Now is a new series of videos that highlights some of the most interesting talks that SFL has hosted over the past year. For this episode, hosted by Katherine Mangu-Ward, Alexander Kvitashvili discusses why some countries were better prepared for COVID-19 than others, and how innovation will help safeguard us from future pandemics.

“At a time when innovation in healthcare is so obviously needed, a better understanding of the power of markets to encourage innovation and the rapid adoption of good ideas has never been more important,” said Katherine Mangu-Ward.

Alexander Kvitashvili is a senior executive with a successful 25-year international management and administration career in health, education, social welfare, humanitarian response, poverty reduction, and economic growth.

He has extensive experience in policy development in an international and national setting and has a proven successful track record in strategic planning and the implementation of complex reforms in the social, health, and educational sectors.

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