Sony & Theta’s New 3D NFTs May Feature In Their Spatial Reality Display –

Sony believes that 3D NFTs are the next big thing, and they want to use the Sony Spatial Reality Display to speed up mass adoption. Working in partnership with Theta Labs (THETA), Sony aims to grab a huge slice of this new emerging market.

Image of the Sony x Theta Labs Spatial Reality Display NFT Collection
Sony and Theta Labs are working together to create a 3D NFT collection.

How will the Sony x Theta Labs Spatial Reality Display NFTs work?

The NFT project is extensive and will focus on the Spatial Reality Display technology. It aims to provide a ‘whoa’ factor for the NFTs. Significantly, Theta and Sony see the NFTs “representing any in-world digital item, avatar or collectible can be visualized and displayed in glasses-free 3D mixed reality form.”

Furthermore, Theta Labs, the South Korean blockchain operator, has a unique vision for the project. They want the 3D NFT project to bring “a new reality and a physical presence to the metaverse.”

This unique Sony x Theta Labs NFT project will include a ‘Theta Powered’ NFT. These are ten copies of the token “The Tiki Guy”. Importantly, these Ten NFTs will provide buyers with a redeemable Sony Spatial Reality Display.

However, only those who live in the United States can use this utility. Those who don’t have a display unity will be able to view their NFTs in 2D.

The Sony Spatial Reality Display is a fascinating piece of technology. Notably, it works using a high-speed vision sensor, following users’ eye movements to create 3D images.

Finally, Sony has been increasingly involved in NFTs since last year. Now, they intend to show how their 3D technology can improve the space with the help of Theta Labs.

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