The GOOD News of 2020

2020 was "the worst year ever!” said many.

But was it? NO!… says historian Johan Norberg. He reminds me to be grateful for the GOOD trends in the world.
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"If I were to pick a year, the best year in human history to face a pandemic, I would say it’s 2020," Norberg says.

"Which OTHER year would you pick?" he wonders. “You could go for 2005. Well, in that case you wouldn’t have the technology to create these MRNA vaccines."

"Had we had [Covid] in 1990, we wouldn’t have a worldwide web and I wouldn’t be able to participate in your show… in 1976, we wouldn’t have been able to read the genome of thevirus… in 1950, we wouldn’t have had a single ventilator."

In the last two decades, Norberg points out, "mankind has attained more wealth than ever."

There’s more to life than wealth!" I counter. "A lot of this money went to the top one percent… ordinary people… They think they’re doing worse."

But ordinary people are doing better, Norberg says.

"If you look at specifics like global poverty, child mortality, chronic undernourishment, and illiteracy — they all declined faster than ever," he notes.

Not everything got better. Suicide and crime are up, lately.

But Norberg says we should be grateful for the vast general improvements.

"We have this tendency, for good reasons, to focus on problems, because that’s our way of solving problems… But… then there’s the risk that we’ll just despair … and that’s not the solution to our problems," Norberg says.

"We should be a little bit grateful for what we have," he concludes.

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