Tyranny Unmasked

We, my fellow Americans, are today living under tyranny. There is no other way to describe it. That this tyranny is masked (!) in lovely motives is irrelevant; it is tyranny. And remember that all tyranny masquerades as beneficence. Were it to do otherwise, it would never be tolerated.

We, my fellow Americans, are prisoners of a healthocracy. I call it that not because the healthocratic tyrants put our health above all, which would be bad enough even if there were, contrary to fact, good reason to suppose that this tyranny is making us healthier. I call our current political system a healthocracy because protecting our health is merely an excuse – a pretense – for the unreasoned exercise of raw, fanged, poison power.

Consider as just one example this report today from DC-based WTOP news radio. Here’s a part:

Just ahead of Thanksgiving, the health officer in Montgomery County, Maryland, is putting in place new coronavirus safety restrictions, including a reduced cap on the size of gatherings.

Dr. Travis Gayles said in a statement that indoor gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited effective 5 p.m. Tuesday. Masks are required outdoors at all times, and inside all public facilities.

The government is restricting the number of people who can gather together consensually even in private homes. Do your nieces and nephews, when added to your brothers and sisters and immediate family members, reach a sum greater than ten? Too bad. You may not socialize together under the same roof! So saith the state!

Or this report, from the same news-radio station:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Monday that “compliance units” led by Maryland State Police would be sent out to businesses before and during the Thanksgiving holiday to make sure business owners are following coronavirus restrictions.

“Additional troopers will be focused on this enforcement,” said Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley. “Our first goal is voluntary compliance.”

Get it? The State of Maryland is sending out its police officers to ensure “voluntary compliance.”

When a uniformed cop, packing a sidearm, shows up at your door to ask how many people are under your roof, how “voluntary” do you feel the ‘request’ to be?

Why are we putting up with this despotic oppression? Forget that Covid-19 is a risk overwhelmingly only to only very old and infirm people. Why, under any circumstances, do we sheepishly obey these self-important, ignorant, power-mad maniacs who are so greedy for power and publicity that they do all that must be done these days to win high political office? I literally wouldn’t trust any of these people to shine my shoes – not Virginia Gov. Northam, DC Mayor Bowser, NY Gov. Cuomo, CA Gov. Newsom, not Herr Dr. Anthony Fauci. The list of these tyrannical scoundrels is as long as it is nauseating.

I call for resistance. Serious resistance. Meaningful resistance. Tell the governors, the mayors, the health officials, the cops, all to go to hell and to remain there until they are reduced to ashes. Don’t tread on me! Let individuals, each one, decide on his or her own how much, if any, precaution to take against the coronavirus. The idiotic hysteria stirred up by the media will guarantee that a large number of people over-protect themselves. That’s their business, although I pity them for their gullibility.

But as for the few of us who want to live free, civilized lives – lives unobstructed by the awful officiousness of the healthocrats – I think I can speak: Leave. Us. Alone. For heaven’s sake, leave us alone. Mind your own business. Cower in fear and live in your lonely closets, if you wish. You’ll perhaps arrange for your hearts to keep beating for an extra year or two, but the ‘lives’ that you’ll lead will be pathetic, imbecilic, unworthy of anyone worthy of life.

As for me, I stand with Patrick Henry: Give me liberty or give me death. I would prefer to be dead than to live as a prisoner in this healthocracy.


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