We Are ALL Essential with Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe tells John Stossel that Covid rules had a huge unintended consequence: They crushed work, sapping meaning from many people’s lives.

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Rowe says that lockdowns and business closures meant to save lives also take lives.

Domestic violence is up. So are calls to suicide hotlines.

Unemployment kills. A National Bureau for Economic Research study finds that "890,000 additional deaths may result over the next 15 years from actions taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus."

That’s one of many unintended consequence from a "safety first” mindset.

Rowe’s slogan is "safety THIRD”.
If safety were really first, he notes, "knock the speed limit down to 10 miles an hour… make cars out of rubber… make everybody wear a helmet, and let’s eliminate left turns!"

"The goal of living is not to merely stay alive. Cars are a lot safer in the driveway. Ships are a lot safer when they don’t leave Harbor, and people are a lot safer during a pandemic when they sit quietly in their basements, waiting for the all clear, but that that’s not why cars, ships and people are on the planet!"

The above video has more of Rowe’s points, including starting with the arrogance of politicians decreeing which workers are "essential."

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