Weedy Regulations

In some states, rules for legal marijuana sales are ENDLESS.

Legalizing the plant should have reduced black markets and crime. It didn’t because bureaucrats imposed regulations that strangle legal businesses.
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The regulations go on, and on: track every plant, from seed to sale! Black-out dispensary windows! Check IDs multiple times.

Lawyer Tom Howard says getting a cannabis license costs tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

He covers issues like that on Cannabis Legalization News: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKNkQ8jVCkCwLQCw7rJbVsw

Illinois has a particularly absurd system. There, politicians decided to give new licenses only to "social equity veterans,” people hurt by the drug war. But then bureaucrats’ wrote such burdensome rules that even those people remain shut out.

"The whole thing is a sham!" says one man who’d like to sell (in an upcoming documentary by Anna Rose Ii Epstein called True Social Equity in Cannabis (https://ift.tt/2VigPwj).

The video above shows more of the ridiculous rules.

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