Welfare for the Rich

Welfare is supposed to be for poor people — but BILLIONS go to rich people (bailouts, subsidies, taxpayer-funded special grants).

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Rich people got lots of extra money recently from government "relief" efforts. In the "Heroes Act", Congress sent $350 million to the 50 RICHEST zip codes in America.

"They didn’t have to prove anything," Lisa Conyers, author of "Welfare for the Rich," tells me. Researching her book, she "ended up traveling around the country for four years … looking at state budgets and federal budgets."

She highlights how taxpayers help billionaires build fancy stadiums.

Taxpayers funded one for billionaire Zygi Wilf, owner of the Minnesota Vikings.

"Here’s this person who has all this money, that could perfectly well build his own stadium, asking the taxpayers … to build a stadium."

Anyone who’s stayed in a Nevada hotel also paid an extra $1.50/night to raise almost a billion dollars for a stadium for Raiders’ owner Mark Davis.

Davis demanded fancy features, like a movable field and a giant torch.

He says "I’m not a billionaire", but he and his mom own 47% of the team, which worth $3.1 billion.

Did he really need taxpayer help?

That’s the just beginning of how taxpayers help the rich.

The video above shows we also, outrageously, pay wealthy communities, rich farmers, energy executives, and big corporations.

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