Teaching Economics in American History


We welcome long-time contributors, Mark Schug and co-author,
Tawni Ferrarini to explore economic episodes in American history.

This teacher workshop will demonstrate how teachers can incorporate economics into their American History curriculum. The Ecomonic Episodes in American History supplement highlights various moments in American history including the causes of the War of Independence, the creation of U.S. Constitution and our financial system. The workshop will present a mix of presentation, small group discussion and a teacher panel on how to incorporate the lessons into your teaching. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide critical insights to your students on the economic underpinnings of our history.

Date: March 9, 2022 / 1pm – 5:30pm


Location: Ocean County College

Economic Episodes in American History, recipient of the prestigious Gold Curriculum Award from the National Association of Economic Educators, integrates an economic perspective within U.S. History. This innovative and unique textbook supplement for high schools provides a more complete understanding of U.S. history and the role economics has played, and continues to play, in shaping the American story. It is organized around the key events and eras of American history. Most importantly, no previous course in economics is required. Economic Episodes in American History provides a non-quantitative understanding of economic principles, and uses those principles to analyze the behaviors of individuals, businesses and government, for a deeper and richer understanding of American history, while also providing an effective and easy to understand introduction to economics. Each chapter can be taught independently, and in the sequence that best aligns with your U.S. History curriculum. No history of America, and no engaged citizen, is complete without an economic perspective. organized around the key events and issues of American history.

This workshop is FREE to attend and participants will receive: 20 complimentary classroom copies of the Economic Episodes in American History, Second Edition textbook to be shipped following the program. Each attendee will receive an initial copy prior to the workshop. $100 Amazon gift card upon completion of the seminar. Attendees must complete an evaluation to qualify to receive the gift card.

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